Twice as Proper is a New York City underground techno events organization. Craft & Shadi co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" in 2007 which then became "Twice as Proper Sessions". With over 250 events and 120 guest dj bookings, it is well established in NYC and the international underground techno scene. 2016 marks the 9th year for the organization, and with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings in venues across Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond, there is always something exciting and different to expect from the events. In 2010, Twice as Proper hosted 8 events in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) during the winter, while keeping regular NYC events alive as always. 2011 was fantastic for the two artists bringing International tours in 5 countries (USA, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica), international radio shows, podcasts, music productions, TV coverage and interviews (Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica), recordings listened to in over 90 countries, new fans and friends. By 2016, the organization is now internationally recognized and has focused on less frequent shows and hosting larger event productions both in NYC and abroad in Mexico City. The result is always "Massive". Jenny Arredondo has been an active member of the team since 2009 being involved in graphic design, photography, PR and bookings. In 2013 Jenny developed her own approach to live performances and joined the two founders carrying the name "Headliner" releasing two albums and performing on stage.

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