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MIKE PARKER April - May 2013

1.- What techno artists do you think every true underground techno fan should know about?

The best part of this subculture is the hunt for new music. Perhaps a true fan believes that the best tracks haven't been discovered yet...


2.- What tracks do you consider Techno classics?

"The Final Frontier" by Underground Resistance. That's a classic record and it's timeless. There are plenty more, but I think it's best to look to the future.


3.- Tips to improve your music production?

Try using devices in ways that they weren't originally intended for.


4.- Any advice for the new DJ/producer generations?

Do not follow trends, ever. For years, people asked me why I wasn't producing in the current "style". I told them I wanted to do things my way, no matter what.


5.- What kind of analog equipment do you recommend?

I'm a big fan of the Korg MS series. You will hear the Korg MS-20 on almost every record I've ever made.


"Watch for my new album on Prologue this summer!"

Mike Parker will be performing in Detroit at the Movement Electronic Music Festival on Monday May 27th 2013 at the Underground Stage.
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