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March 2013

1.- What kind of music were you playing when you    

     started Djing and where did you perform at age 14?

I started very young taking my first steps in the world of electronic music and DJing. I was influenced to this music thru artists like the Chemical Brothers when I was about 12 which led me to a growing interest in other artists such as Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Plastikman, and more recent ones in the scene such as Alva Noto and his label Raster Noton in general. This being said, I began playing mainly electronic and techno tracks. The first parties I played were at clubs in this area of Italy where I currently live.

2.- Was Techno your first love?

I'd say that electronic music was my first love. I listened to everything from house to techno and slowly refined my musical taste.

3.- We know that you have performed in places like    

     Mumbai and Dubai. How was your experience over

     there and how is the Techno scene?

Last year in 2012 I was contacted by some Indian people who live in the United Arab Emirates who run a new techno label called Occultech Rec. They offered me the first release and a massive release party in Dubai. So I found myself in the country's capital presenting my live set in a beautiful club which normally has mainstream artists but which had organized something much more special and underground for that occasion. I must still greatly thank that crew because they really did a great job! Those who were there know what I mean! Regarding my tour in India, I must thank the same people from Dubai. They gave me the opportunity to visit incredible places and meet exceptional people. The scene there is very different than what we are used to in Europe.Their vision and perception is very radical and deep. They have a much more spiritual approach… something that us western people have in part lost along the way.

4.- How is the life of a Techno producer living in    


I am currently finishing my academic studies in Venice but my real city of birth is Treviso. It is not easy these days to find opportunities or clubs which are interested in presenting this type of sound. Many clubs were riding the revolutionary wave of the 90's in the north east of Italy where I live and it was considered the tip or a diamond in regards to distributing the most advanced electronic music. Nowadays they are only interested in making the most money possible presenting primarily mainstream artists. From my part, I continue to do my thing regardless of the difficulties… and in some ways gives me even more drive to evolve and do even better things!

5.- Tell us about your label NMK rec and about your

     future projects:

The idea of NMK rec was born in my head already some years ago when I felt the need to have a channel where to release my own music or that of artists I admire and believe can bring innovation to the current music scene. With time, this idea has evolved and I hope to present the first release by the end of 2013. The format will be 12" and digital. I don't want to reveal artists or details but I am sure that there will be excellent surprises for those who decide to follow me.

6.- What kind of equipment you use when you perform


For my current live show I use a laptop, sound card, mixer and 2 midi-controllers (uc33 and Launchpad)



 "I would like to thank you guys at Feed The Raver

(Daniele and Jenny) for the opportunity of having this interview and podcast. I hope to see you soon and finally be there for my US debut!"


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