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May 2012

We are extremely excited about your gig at Movement and about your event Droid Behavior - Blankcode - Interface 36 - Scene04 Detroit, which for us honestly it's gonna be one of the best parties during the festival so please tell us...

1. How did you put all this amazing lineup together?


Back in 2004 we booked Drumcell for the first time at our Substance Detroit DEMF after party and it was there where the collaboration first began between what is now known as Blank Code and Droid Behavior.  From that year on we have worked with a number of Droid artists on many levels and that is what ultimately led us to this event.  The artists are all either label artists and/or close friends to each of the crews.  Each artist plays a role in the success of both Blank Code and Droid Behavior and this is where the concept was formed with this event.

2. Tell us what can we expect of your performance at the Festival?


During our performances you can expect to hear a blend of dark moving landscapes and atmospheric explosions on top of real time edits, multiple effects and layered loops that results in a unique aural experience.

3. What equipment do you use during your live performances?


Our equipment consists of a Macbook Pro, Ableton Live w/ multiple plugins, Livid OHM 64 controller, Vestax VCM-600 controller, Apple iPad w/ Touchable, and a Motu Ultralite.


4. Is this the first time you play at Movement?


​Back in 2001, both Chad and Nick played vinyl sets in the Red Bull VIP tent.  Project 313 has performed at multiple “Official” festival after parties over the years, but this will be the first performance by Project 313 at the festival.

5. Would you describe playing in Detroit as one of the biggest achievements for any Techno DJ/ Producer career?


​In our experiences we have found that many artists from around the world are very curious about Detroit and its place in the history of Techno.  That in itself seems to create this buzz and fosters a desire by many artists to play here and to be able to say that they have played in Detroit.  We believe the city has a rich history and the events that take place here are often quite unique which we feel makes it a sought after destination to perform for many underground artists.


6. How did you both started playing independently and how was Project 313 born?


We both made our DJ debuts mixing vinyl in the 1990’s and since then have been performing at underground events in North America and Europe.  We first met in Kalamazoo while promoting underground events in the area and quickly became good friends.  We both share a very similar taste in music and in 2007 decided to combine our skills under the alias Project 313.

7. What artists do you admire and who influenced you?

Old school artists that influenced Project 313 are: The British Murder Boys, Richard Devine, Speedy J, Autechre, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills, Takaaki Itoh, Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, and Joel Mull to name a few. New school influences are: Truncate, Dadub, Xhin, Lucy, Tommy Four Seven, Monoloc, Pfirter, Luis Flores, Silent Servant, Donor & Truss and many more.

8. Living in Detroit tell us, what pushed you towards this direction of Techno, reaching the sound that can clearly define you today?

Over the years as the sound of Techno music has evolved we tried to stay true to our roots.  We continue to seek out new music and artists that are helping to drive the sound of Techno that we both enjoy forward. 


9. What are your recent projects, releases and which artist you have been collaborating with?

Currently we are working hard to get the first record release on Blank Code around mid-May.  We have been collaborating with a number of artists from around the globe on upcoming releases for Blank Code and have some Project 313 remixes and original tracks slated for release later this year.  The first Blank Code release will feature music by Mutate, Audio Injection, Drumcell, and Bas Mooy.


10. Tell us about Blank Code Records and what artist are you going to feature in it?


Blank Code as a concept/label was conceived by Chad, Nick, and Corbin in late 2007.  We wanted our own platform to do events and to release music that we were passionate about.

Our first release features music from Mutate, Audio Injection, Drumcell, and Bas Mooy.  We also have upcoming releases scheduled with music from artists such as Luis Flores, The Plant Worker (Alejandro Trebor), Christian Wunsch, M.A.D.A, and Plankton to mention a few.


11. What are your favorite producers and tracks at the moment?

There's a lot of really good new music being released lately and we are finding loads of great releases from artists like Dadub, Xhin, Lucy, Tommy Four Seven, Monoloc, Pfirter, and Luis Flores among many others.


12. How would you describe the nightlife in Detroit today?


On a typical weekend in Detroit there are likely to be a number of different events featuring different genres of electronic music running the gamut from House to Techno to Dubstep.

There definitely seems to be a younger crowd that is getting into the electronic music scene and at a typical Blank Code event you will find attendees from all walks of life.

13. In NYC we have been experiencing this wave of commercial music and events trying to take over the underground. Do you think is the same case in Detroit?


We have noticed a similar trend in Detroit as well.  There has always been commercial and underground music events but lately you’re seeing a lot more electronic acts/artists crossing over into the mainstream.  While we may not be huge fans of the more commercial direction electronic music has taken we do have an appreciation for the exposure that it brings to the masses and hope that people will use that as a stepping stone to explore deeper into the sounds of the underground.


14. In Europe there is a very strong Techno culture even within older generations (meaning even some grandmas and grandpas dig the Techno and go to raves). Would you say it is the same in Detroit? Are any other member of your families into Techno?


During the first several years of the electronic music festival in Detroit when it was a free event you would see all types of people in attendance, families with children, young and old, and people just curious to see what was happening in downtown Detroit on Memorial Day weekend.  Our families give us their full support and have even attended events we’ve held in the past.  They are exposed to Techno and the electronic music industry because of our direct involvement in it.


15. What gig has been your biggest accomplishment so far and the one that still gives you goosebumps?

We're very excited for the first release on Blank Code, releasing music on vinyl has been a mutual goal of ours for a long time. 

Playing at the Movement festival is a pinnacle moment for us as we both have attended the festival since the very first year. 

The excitement around both of those events has left us both with goosebumps.

16. Which would be your dream gig and where?


Our dream gig would probably be to play at either one of the often legendary nights at Berghain or one of the large Techno festivals in Europe like Awakenings or Monegros.

17. Where do you see Project 313 and Blank Code Records in 5 years?


A little bit older, maybe more mature and hopefully still releasing music and playing gigs.


18. For all the artists out there that dream of playing at Movement one day what would be your advice?


Create your own sound, something original and unique.  With all the advances in technology these days anyone can download a software suite, plug in a controller to a laptop, mix two tracks and call themselves a Dj.  Being able to interact with a crowd and be dynamic and original are the types of things that get people talking about you.

Stay tuned to for weekly podcasts, upcoming releases, and future events!

Project 313 is the collaboration of Detroit based DJ’s & producers, Chad Parraghi aka CFX and Nick Bien. They each made their debut in the 1990’s and since then have been performing at a number of underground events in North America and Europe. They quickly gained respect for playing a unique style of techno and for the events they held in Kalamazoo, Michigan where the pair met and began their journey into electronic music.

In 2007 they began their collaborative live PA under the newly created alias Project 313. As a live act, Project 313 has shared the stage with techno heavy hitters such as Dan Bell, James Ruskin, Regis, Joel Mull, Ben Sims, Christian Wunsch, Function, Radial, Mark Broom, and Tim Xavier just to name a few. During their sets you can expect to hear a unique blend of dark landscapes and atmospheric explosions on top of real time edits, multiple effects and layered loops that results in a unique and exciting aural experience.

Later in 2007, Project 313 along with close friend Corbin Davis joined forces to create Blank Code. Since then Blank Code has been a regular contributor to the Detroit techno community hosting events including: the “Substance Detroit” event series (a Movement Official after hours), the “Friendly Integration” event series (a collaboration with Detroit Underground) and the most recent “Scene” event series. Currently Blank Code is focused on launching their record label in 2012, event production, artist management, music production, and hosts a weekly podcast featuring a roster of techno artists from around the globe.

Throughout the years both Chad and Nick have had the opportunity to share the studio with many well known artists gaining valuable knowledge in the production side of electronic music. In 2008 they made their debut on D-records with their original track “Border Patrol” on the Movement 08 Compilation. In the first half of 2012 they have 2 upcoming remixes on Blank Code Records including the Mutate “Circle 2” remix & The Bodies in Pawn “Project 313 edit” as well as some other top secret projects.




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