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1. What record or artists made you fell in love with electronic music?


I first fell in love with electronic music by accident! 

Every time I would visit my friends in Miami they would take me out to clubs, and I was usually bored, and would look for the hip-hop room if there was one.  A year or so later I was at The 2nd Ultra music festival(when it was actually oceanfront on South Beach) and got to hear a lot of different DJs and styles of electronic music.  I remember that was the first time that I actually paid attention to the layering of sounds, the build ups and the breakdowns, and really enjoyed some of the performances I heard.  It wasn't until later that fall that I actually purchased my first DJ mix.  It was Paul Oakenfold's "Another world", it had just come out.  I immediately fell into trance heaven.  Hearing Paul Van Dyke spin at club Space when it first opened blew my mind, and Edgar V's sunrise sessions on the terrace were amazing, George Acosta was spinning every week, it was a magical time.  Of course now I hate trance lol, but those were my roots and I still respect and occasionally listen to the classics.


2. How would you compare Miami with D.C.'s nightlife and music wise?

I used to go to Miami every month or two, and lived there for a year, but its been two years since I've been back, so I'm a little out of the loop in the Miami scene.  In the U.S. though, there's nothing like it.  Clubs on South Beach stay open til 5am, then you can always head downtown where they have 24 hour liquor licenses, and the clubs don't even start getting busy until sunrise. Dance music is an everyday part of the culture in Miami.  It was completely normal for people to wait until 1 or 2 or later in the morning to go out.  I used to not go out Saturday nights, set my alarm for 5am, and head to the Space terrace for sunrise Sunday morning.  After that closed there were always a couple day parties to go to in the afternoon, then Sunday nights were the best in Miami.  For the die-hard fans, you could hit Monday morning after-hours.  That's a 30 hour day of non stop dance music!  Or if you went out Friday night, you could hear music for 3 and a half days straight. WMC week or whatever you want to call it now on the other hand sucks!.  What used to be such a great thing that I would never miss has been turned into a huge commercial business and has been attracting the wrong kind of crowd.  It's no fun anymore and way too expensive.

D.C. has a much smaller scene and currently no consistent after-hours.  There are a few crews though that bring some great parties and after-parties to D.C., and there are some nice clubs and underground spots to hit.  D.C. has been catching on to the Sunday day parties also which has been nice. Unfortunately the last couple years D.C. has been much more House music oriented than Techno, but we still see our share of good acts.  I'm definitely excited to be seeing Carlo Lio and Dubfire today for my birthday,  I'm a huge fan of Carlo Lio's productions. Everyone in the D.C. scene knows each other, it's like one big happy family, which is great.

3. Do you have any production projects coming up?

That's a sensitive subject... I've had so many computer problems in the past which has hindered my productions, but I finally gave in and bought a Mac, so no excuses now!  You will definitely be hearing productions from me soon.


4. What do you think are the biggest accomplishments of your DJ career?


Man, I've played a lot of amazing parties all over the place, but I think I was most proud of being able to play in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico this year during the BPM festival.


5. Are you going to Movement? How many times have you been there?

Last year was the first year I went to Movement, and I will never miss it again.  I don't like going to festivals typically, but Detroit was amazing.  Hands down the best layout and organization of any festival I have been to.  Looking forward to playing one of the parties there this year!


6. Tell us about your future gigs and projects:

​I am looking forward to gigs in D.C., Detroit, New York, Boston, Dallas, Miami, and San Francisco.  We shall see what else pops up, and keep a lookout for my productions coming out soon.

7. Name some of your favorite artists, tracks, labels, festivals, and past gigs:

Well first and foremost, I have to give mad props to Deepak Sharma.  He is an amazing DJ, Producer, friend, and record label owner.  He owns Hidden Recordings, and was gracious enough to let me join the crew several years ago.  The record label has really been blowing my mind lately with some amazing new releases coming from seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.  New York in general has been putting out some great quality Techno lately.  I've really been digging on Frakture Audio as well.  Too many amazing record labels out there these days to name!  Gaiser is another one of my favorites.  That guy is just on another level from everyone else.  So many great Techno DJ's out these days...  Festival wise, BPM and DEMF are it for me!  Can't beat the tropical paradise of BPM and the grime of DEMF.  Two amazing festivals a year, spaced evenly apart.

Hope you guys enjoy my mix, and looking forward to playing with you guys soon!

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Oliver Caine found a passion for music at a very early age.  Eventually picking up the bass guitar at age sixteen, and later on the drums, Oliver was soon playing in bands in the D.C. and Virginia area.  It wasn't until 1999 that he fell in love with electronic music and never looked back.  Within a few years he had purchased turntables and began to play out at various venue's in the D.C./VA area.  After moving to South Beach in 2004 and gaining exposure to Miami's underground Dirty House and Tech scene, Oliver soon began spinning at numerous clubs and afterparties in Miami and D.C., perfecting his signature blend of dark, underground, House and Techno.  Today, Oliver Caine resides in Virginia, is working on several production projects, and continues to perform across the United States and abroad.





May 2012

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