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June 2012

1. When and how did you start DJing and producing?

I got into producing and DJing about 10 years ago. I came from the 90's rave scene and I was an avid raver big jeans hoodie all of that. After I was done partying I missed the music so much that I decided to learn how to produce and DJing followed soon after that.

2. Which artists inspire you and what are your


I have a very long list of influences from artists that are from all around of the world. My main passion is in the dark minimal techno arena from such artists as Memnok, Splatter, Coeter One, Ixel, James Kelly, Hefty, Aftermath. I know they are not big names Like Liebing or Hawtin but the underground is where I get my influences from.


3. What equipment set up do you use to perform and to
    produce? ​

I started my DJing on cdj's but moved to a laptop for convenience. I'm developing a live set up using my apc40 and creating tracks on the fly. Its not a perfect set up yet but it is coming along nicely.

4. How many of your tracks have been released and      

    what labels are you part of?​

I have seven releases to date, I’ve been involved in over 26 different collars and remix projects. I have released on labels such as Frucht, Dark and Sonorous, Shinocs Music, Freitag, Lung Filler, Divided, NuLabel, Plastiq.

5. Tell us about your new experimental project:


Moloc is a different style of music for me, not really for the clubs. It’s more of a experimental side project that I've been playing with for a few months. I'm having a great time doing different things with sound. No rules to follow just big dark slow grooving tracks.

6. What do you want to achieve with it and what are the     main differences between "Monktec" and "Moloc"?

With Monktec you can expect minimal to techno big hooks thumping bass lines big techno risers and breaks. Moloc is about slower grooves for the mind not the dance floor.

7. What are your recent and future projects and gigs?

I have a few Monktec EP’s coming out soon, "Get Bombed" on Concepto Hipnotico and "Wake Up" on Dark and Sonorous. For Moloc I have a free EP forthcoming on Soluxion Records Netlabel and another EP forthcoming on mischkonsum records. My DJ gigs are pretty random but my next gig is at the National Underground with the crew from Twice as Proper!!!

"I create darkness for fun"

Born and raised in Boston, Ma. Jason Donnaruma (aka Monktec) discovered electronic music in his early twenties. After strictly DJing for a few years, he took the next logical step by beginning to produce his own music . Monktec focused his attention on percussive programming, dubby basslines, and ultra dark atmospheres and with years of dedication He has formulated his on unique sound. Monktec's sets are just like his productions heavy dark and to the point. Send PROMOS/ BOOKING /REMIX requests to:

Dark minimal techno producer from Boston:​

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