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October 2012

1. When and how did you start your musical journey?


Well... time is relative.

We're always waiting for a change or a kind of shock in our life. I made mine possible starting to produce my own stuff.
I still believe time does not exist, so I can't say exactly when did I start my journey...
At the moment for me techno music isn't only "straight kicks and powerful basslines" (when I started maybe it was) I mean there is a kind of limbo, an infinite and crude dreamlike space, between the "power" and the "stillness" where you can experience your feelings on a journey... like a "Man Who Lived 1000 Years".
To make this happens I'm living this music-reality on two sides: Mas Teeveh and Unperson.​

2. Tell us about your label Archetypes Records:

Archetypes was born to introduce a paradox. The basic idea of techno music: it's per-existing feeling and his primary concept alongside the no-rules structures of music, typical of a post-modern culture.
So our goal is to consider the coexistence of past and future with a little reference to the Nietzsche's eternal return.
We're calling some young and talented producers from the scene next to some "well-known" artists. Building "a limited-number team".

3. Who are your favorite producers at the moment?

Following the Italian scene I can say that MTD, Peder, Logotech, CVO and Ciur are developing electronic music in a deep and meaningful way.
Generally speaking, I can say that the south of Italy is very prolific (more than the North), cities like Naples and Rome.
Which guys inspire me instead?
The Black Dog, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaya and Sandwell District.

4. Favorite labels?​

Perc Trax, Vault Series and Ostgut Ton, and Archetypes Records of course.

5. What set up equipment do you use to perform and to produce?

I use Traktor, on 4 decks, with 2 midi controllers A&H Xone:1D.
I'm testing the NI Maschine that allows me to add more samples and loops to my set.
Regarding my way to produce: I grow my stuff through Ableton and some VSTs.
I know that the difference between analog and digital is crucial for music production so I don't want to exclude that so in the near future I would like to work with analog equipment.​

6. How would you describe the party scene in Bergamo?

​Totally devoted to fashion...
Someone considers himself "Underground", thinking that going down his house stairs is enough to be underground.

7. Which producers would you like to collaborate with in the future?

With those who inspired me and with some other Italian producers. I'm trying to make a strong collab for the electronic music scene of my country.
I would like to meet Norman Nodge for example. I see a lot of charisma in his person.

8. What other music you listen to apart from Techno?​

I could consider 'techno' everything with true feelings, positive energy, and deep emotions.
In my opinion I can say that everything could be techno, not in the true sense of the word of course (do not get me wrong).
To open my mind I usually listen to Pink Floyd for their true feelings, Bruce Springsteen for his positive energy and some chillout/ambient project for its deep emotions.

9. Any production tips or programs you would like to recommend​​

Nothing technical... I think there isn't any 'way to follow'.
I recommend to not focus only one genre and to spend a lot of sleepless nights making what I call "experiments with music". This will allow you to find yourself and why not? your path.
But this is my way, only a little advice.

10. Tell us about your future projects and future gigs:​

I have some forthcoming releases/remixes as Mas Teeveh for my friend D.O.O.M on Gynoid Audio; some others on Reaktivate, Natch, Ketra and a vinyl on Nachtstrom Schallplatten.

I'll release the third Axiom on my label: Psychick Warriors. Ov Gaya founder, Tim Freeman will take care of one of the two remixes.
About my gigs: There will certainly be some Archetypes Showcase here in the north of Italy, the season has just begun.
I'm waiting for a couple of gigs abroad to get confirmed...

I hope everything will work out!

Dj / Producer / Label Owner /

Pronounced as 'Masstive' [Màs:tiv']

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