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March 2012

1. What made you decide to become a DJ and when did you start producing?


The Will 2 share Music & joy, I started producing in 2005.


2. What are your influences?

I have many influences & can say that i have been influences from a really young age. I have a really musical family and my uncle was the one who stimulates my ears with electronic sounds.


3. What inspires you?




4. How would you describe the night life in Amsterdam?

Many clubs with different kind of electronic styles.

(Trouw,Studio 80, Sugar Factory, Wetergaas)


5. There are many festivals happening around Europe. Which ones would you recommend?

Awakenings festival and Time warp


6. Tell us about Glitch...

Glitch is my own concept and is the world where I live. The concept is about creating a glitch in your head (glitch is a fault on the system). This is something that if it wasn't there then it wouldn't be what it is. It is a combination with Techno, Visual arts & Performance.


7. What are your current projects? Your next gigs? What is next?

My current protects are Glitch, Glitch Festival, Radio Hosting, Whats on your mind, In deep'nDance Records.


Jhon Christian Cardenas was born and raised in a very modest family in Cali, Colombia. ?Thanks to his uncle from the Netherlands he got in touch with the electronic sounds at a very young age. From that time on his love for the music began and his dream to become a DJ/Producer started to grow. ?At the age of 17 he packed his bags, left Colombia and moved to Amsterdam. It didn’t took him a long time to make his dream come true. He started in a small studio of a friend in Amsterdam. He played a little, mixed a little and finally he accomplished a spark and made a sound to bring up the heat. First he showed his friends, in that same little studio, that he didn’t need much to let them feel his love for producing music. After that, he participates in a few DJ-contests. Here, he realised that being on stage and see how the crowed was touch by his sounds, gave him the ultimate feeling of happiness. He was so enthusiastic about music and especially making music that he signed up for the SAE electronic music production (EMP) and after that he did the course of Audio Engineering in AVA studio’s Hilversum. ?His first Remix New York immediately got released on the label PM deep(NL).
Recently he has play at different places on the world like:
Outland ( Rotterdam-NL),Lucky (Rijssen-NL),The Rain (Amsterdam-NL),NDSM Stubnitz (Amsterdam-NL),Club Storm (Utrecht-NL),Club Rozes (Amsterdam-NL),Club Vroeger (Bloemendal-NL),Podium (Cali-Colombia),Club Oz (Cali-Colombia),Privilege(Cali-Colombia),Port Forum (Barcelona-Spain),Festival 2010,(Esparreguera - Spain),Montmagastrik Festival (Arteza -Spain),The Pub (Esterri- Spain),The Hort (Olesa-Spain)...



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