May 2012

1. When and how exactly did you start DJing/producing?

​Well, I discovered electronic music at a fairly young age so I've always had a love for it. After the rave scene in Toronto was coming to an end, I didn't want it to stop. So I decided my new hobby would be DJing. This was was around 2001 and I started messing with production software a few years after that. ​


2. Is this the first time you are playing Movement?

Yes this is my first time. I've been wanting to play it for a while so needless to say I'm very excited! ​


3. What does playing in Detroit and the festival mean to you?

It's means a lot! It's not just another gig to me. Detroit has been a hub for many of my favorite artists and responsible for the birth of our beloved techno. So there will be a certain energy and feel to me when playing this festival.​


4. What can your fans expect from your performance at Movement? Do you have something special prepared or you are just gonna go with the flow?

Well, I never really like to prepare. It's much more fun on the fly. And reading a crowd is always a huge part of being a good DJ. But you can definitely expect big baselines, hypnotic elements and a lot of groove.


5. Mention few of your favorite tracks at the moment and what tracks you can't get enough of?

At the moment I'm really feeling a track called "Your Eyes" by Clio. He's easily one of my favorite artists at the moment and can't really do no wrong for me. This was just released on my label Rawthentic music. Also really feeling "Get Down" by John Lagora on Paco Osuna's label "Mindshake". Both have been very big tracks in my sets over the past few months.

6. We know that you have been extremely busy and traveling around a lot... What place would you like to go back soon and what do you do on your fee time when you are on tour?

It's definitely been a crazy couple of years for me. I’ve had the chance to see the world and this is never an easy question to answer but a few places I always love to go back to are: Hungary, Colombia and definitely Ibiza. Can't ever get enough of these spots! On my free time I try to make as much music as I can.  Being on the road so much I'm always away from my studio and I don't feel productive when I go too long without making tracks. Besides music I'm kind of TV show junkie. I follow quite a few TV series he he.

7. Who has been the producer you have been more excited to collaborate with recently in 2012 and who would you like to collaborate in the future? Any new releases coming up on Rawthentic?

I haven't done any collabs this year so far. I also don't do much period. I really only like to collaborate with good friends. There's always that extra energy a vibe in the studio when you have that friend comfort.  In the future I would love to collaborate with Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Guti, Joseph Capriati... to name a few. These are great artists and more importantly great people and I think some magic can definitely be made between us.


8. So far we remember you as a super nice down to earth guy. How do you keep yourself like that?

Well... now I'm a dickhead. So this question is irrelevant... Joking! Lol.
I've always been this way. It's me and I can't see me being any other way. I'm not better than anyone because I'm a DJ and make music. Unfortunately some do think this way but hey that's their problem. I've paid my dues and experienced some negative attitudes while I was still coming up and I promised myself I'd never be that prick to anyone.

9. What are your goals so far? Gig wise and music wise? A festival you would love to play at? Club? Place?​

My goals in life are very simple! To wake up every morning with a smile and looking forward to the day. And to do what I love for a living. Obviously there's clubs or festivals.

10. How would you define your sound today and how do you think you have evolved?​

Deep, Dark, Funky, Groovy, Hypnotic, Sexy, Quirky ... Definitely think I touch upon all these elements throughout a set.... and yes my sound is always evolving.. I get bored pretty quick so change is always a must for me.

11. What would be your advice for young emerging talent to follow?​

Make the music you love, not the music everyone loves. Take styles you respect and incorporate them into yours. The reason I say this is over the past few years I’ve seen so many artists that noticeably copy other peoples work.. or labels that one day are tech house labels and the next week their a nu-disco label....  Stay true to yourself and what you like. Be Influenced but be unique :)​

12. What artist you are looking forward to see during Movement?​

I think the one name that stands out to me and that I’ve been really dying to see over the past little while is Nina Kraviz. I’m completely obsessed with her music and style. Really hits the spot for me. Hopefully ill be able to catch her this year.


13. What are your next projects? Your next gigs? Other information you might want to share with us. What is next after Movement?​

Well, after being in Europe for the month of April.. I will spend the next month here in Canada/USA & South America.. Next bunch of shows in May will be .... Toronto, Montreal, NYC, Washington, San Diego, Mexico, Panama, Miami.
Then I will move back to Europe from June to Sept/Oct. Looking forward to another killer summer! As for new projects I’ve just completed my next SCI+TEC EP which I am really excited about. I have also just mixed my first 2-disc compilation for SCI+TEC... which should be available around June.